Our Services

Tailored materials

IAW specialises in writing its own bespoke materials. We tailor the design and writing of materials to reflect the roles of the participants and the working context of their organisation / business.

Change interventions

Many of our clients are in the Public sector and we are known as Public sector specialists. We are therefore used small, medium and large change interventions. Regularly, the work involves participants in pre and post work. Click here to view page >>

Recruitment & Selection

IaWs USP: To offer organisation a new and revitalised refresher to increase the knowledge, skills and abilities of recruiters to positively take account of the different identities of candidates whilst ensuring equity and fairness in the appointing process.  Click here to view page >>

Equality Impact Assessment (EIA)

IaWs USP: To offer organisations bespoke strategies that aim to achieve, through the skilful use of Equality Impact Assessments, key outcomes in their core strategic and business plans. Click here to view page >>

Building team that have changed in role and size 

IaWs USP: To offer organisations leading edge modules that help view change as a growth for their people and clients. Click here to view page >>

Positive Action through staff networks

IaWs USP: Clear analysis of value to organisations of well structured, accountable equalities staff networks that feed into internal decision making processes. Click here to view page >>

Management Development

IaWs USP: We offer organisation's and businesses bespoke one, two and three day management development courses that deliver management competencies to integrate diversity, our identities and social justice as central components to good management practices. Click here to view page >>