Equality Impact Assessment (EIA)

IaWs USP: To offer organisations bespoke strategies that aim to achieve, through the skilful use of Equality Impact Assessments, key outcomes in their core strategic and business plans.

An indicative 0.5 day EIA programme for managers


This half day example of training will provide participants with an opportunity to:

  • review the importance of Equality Impact Assessments (EIAs);
  • better understand the legal framework supporting EIAs;
  • better understand the EIA Guidelines;
  • trial writing the initial screening expected in a EIA;
  • ask questions and identify further support requirements of those writing and managing EIAs.


  • To meet the employer's Public duties to evidence that excellent services are delivered and benefit all.

Ingredients of an indicative programme

  • Introduction, programme and objectives
  • Brief overview of the Legislation
    - Change from Anti-Discriminatory Law to the Public Duties
    - Specific Duties
  • ACTIVITY:  Tackling inequalities
  • Powerpoint presentation           
    - Indentifying the benefits of EIAs for the organisation
    - Asking what are they?
    - Checking out the judgements we have to make?    
  • Reviewing a well written EIA;
  • Initial Screening: Things to consider;
  • Practicing writing a EIA linked to your service;
  • Reviewing the support needs of those writing or managing EIAs;
  • Evaluation, verbal round up and close.

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