Case Study: With NHS Providers and Commissioners


Innovations At Work also designs and produces bespoke programmes of work with NHS Providers and Commissioners. We are fast becoming specialists in the Equality Impact Assessment process.

Here's three examples of IaW client work within the NHS:

1. Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals 2012-14

Innovation At Work was commissioned to designed and then deliver the 'Agenda For Race Equality' programme to some 200 Non-Managerial Staff. This was part of a wider change programme called The Commitment To Change (C2C). This was an extremly well received programme that led to work on a complimentary programme for Managers.

2.  Frimley Park Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, in Surrey 2009-2012

We offered consultancy and training on Equality Impact Assessments (EIAs), and its implementation to some 150 Trust Managers.    The commission is on-going and has evolved to include the following strands:

  • briefings to the Board about their strategic EIA responsibilities;
  • support the Trusts' Equalities Steering Group to develop the Equality Impact Assessments (EIAs) process for the Trust;
  • designed and delivered training courses for 170 manager’s across the Trust.

3. Strategic Health Authority (SHA), in Horsham

We worked with managers in 2010 to:

  • understand the Equalities legal framework and the compliance areas of EIAs that they work to meet;
  • train managers to write and conduct EIAs to a high standard;
  • support the SHA to advise their partners and other commissioning groups to understand their equality & diversity responsibilities.

4. NHS Direct

Our current work has involved:

  • Training the Board in Professional Leadership in Equality Impact Assessments;
  • Working with the CEO and the Equality Lead on leading and managing the EIA process;
  • Training managers to write and conduct EIAs to a high standard;
  • Providing consultancy on the methodology and process to evidence EIAs.

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