Building teams that have changed in role and size 

IaWs USP: To offer organisations leading edge modules that help view change as a growth for their people and clients.


By the end of this half-day module day participants should be able to:

  • understand why change has to occur and the part they can play to make it happen;
  • take ownership of the different levels of ineffectiveness;
  • be able to take practical steps to recognise the importance of effective team principles and start putting these into place;
  • at work use good practice case studies to draw up new standards for a behaviour code and a communications code;
  • review what a effective working culture looks like and learn how to give and receive feedback;
  • consider what they can put into practice in the short term and what they have learnt today.


  • To capacity build teams in difficult times to ensure quality of provision.

Ingredients of an indicative first module:

  • Input by a senior manager on why change has to happen
  • ACTIVITY 1: Reviewing a case study of an effective team
    - An effective work culture what does it look like?
    - Finding and agreeing the principles of effective team work
  • ACTIVITY 2: Evaluating your own team's effectiveness against set criteria and identifying areas of improvement
  • Powerpoint presentation: Introducing the skills of 'giving and receiving feedback'.
  • ACTIVITY 3: Using giving and receiving feedback to start the process of drawing up two charters: a behaviour standard and a communications standard for the team Action Learning Review – ‘Picking an action to work on between today and session 2'.

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