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Innovations At Work is a team of consultant trainers who specialise in delivering excellence and like you we want your organisation / business to excel. We work regionally, nationally and internationally.

What make us unique is that we know each other and how we work. We have  worked successfully together for over a decade. The benefit for you is that our delivery style is consistent and branded to deliver the highest standards of consultancy and training. We have a well thought through and planned training & consultancy delivery package which we hope will delight you. This is what you can expect of us:

  • delivering 'real' needs by meeting and listening to your people
  • learning quickly about your organisation / business and what makes it distinctive
  • working in partnership with you to design a process that works
  • designing objectives that have rigorous and measurable outcomes
  • delivering standards of training which are quality assured for consistency
  • building a conceptual analysis for change and improvement that is thought through and relevant;
  • individualised and updated
  • innovative case studies to stimulate learning and encourage dialogue
  • designing and writing bespoke and updated materials that reflect your staff teams and clients
  • bringing in the outside world through a good balance of activities including group tasks, activities and lectures
  • delivering a style and an approach which is consistent and branded
  • knowledge and skills which are refined, monitored and competency led
  • learning which is sensitively managed, motivational and rigorous
  • evaluating actions, outcomes and results
  • exceptional standards of client care delivering value for money

The identities we bring to work make us unique and help us to grow and develop

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We understand what happens to individuals and groups at work, and how the differing impacts of our age, disability, gender, ethnicity, religion, sexuality and class affect our positions at work, or the services we receive. We can translate this knowledge into leading edge programmes that not only develop but harmonises teams of staff delivering excellent services.

Our work with you will target equalities monitoring as one of several tools to collect the group’s experience. This is one sophisticated tool which will shape your service to deliver needs not wants.

We work to provide structural solutions rather than individual responses, so our emphasis is on large public sector and private sector partners to ensure that their policies, procedures and the work culture become standard bearers for equity and fairness.

The team comprises of:     

Innovations At Work: Home Page ImagesRoland Azor , CEO & Owner IaW
Roland has two decades experience in change management, organisational development and development consulting in the public sector with senior influencers. He has a MA in Education & Business.

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Derek Hooper, Associate Trainer
More information to be added.

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Chloe Azor, Part-time Administrator
Chloe has graduated from the University of Chichester two years ago. Her time is now shared between being IaWs Financial Administrator working part-time at a retail establishment. She has teaching experience and a Media background with a BA (Hons) in Dance and Media Studies.



Innovations at Work are a training & consultancy that specialises in delivering excellent equality services and like you - we want to excel.

Together we bring to the work a particular understanding of the dynamic of discrimination and the sociology of marginalised and excluded groups.

Innovations at Work partners up from time to time with these organisations and friends:

  • Derek Hooper – see more about Derek’s special interests at www.derekhooper.org.uk
  • Anne-Marie Senior at Facta Non Verba Ltd, (M)  +44 07534 856842

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