Case Study:   Management Development Programme at

                          Millwall FC


This piece of work started the process of building Millwall FC's profile as a business that prioritises Innovation, its Off Field Manager's and their Staff's development and in so doing delivers 'value for money' for its football public - in equal measure.

To achieve this Millwall FC's commissioned Innovations At Work to design a personalised programme built on the FAs 'Playing for Inclusion' programme. This approach focuses on delivering management development competencies driven by the Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) agenda - which prioritises people.

The work enambled Off-Field Managers managers to improve their thinking, actions and behaviours around EDI, whilst focusing on their roles as managers with specific responsibilities to manage people / teams, resources, projects and the football experience for the Public on a Saturday. The desired outcome was to deliver outstanding services to the communities that Millwall FC serves.


To place Equality, Diversity and Inclusion as a central component to improving the performance of managers and their teams that work for Millwall FC.


Three Modules to Maximise Performance for Off-Field Managers

Module 1:          How to best maximise the performance of your staff and team?


As a result of this module Off-Field Managers will:

●  Develop knowledge about how to assess a team's abilities;

●  Better understand when to treat people the same and when to treat them differently;

●  Review the importance of having 1 to 1 / Supervision meetings;

●  Know which EDI questions work in 1 to 1s and which don't;

●  Received guidance and a template to run meaningful 1 to 1s

●  Understand how to operate a basic Performance & Appraisal System;

●  Consider their future needs.

Module 2:          The importance of Off -Field managers being innovative and risk adverse when appointing new staff


As a result of this module Off-Field Managers will:

●  Discuss what works for them when recruiting and selecting the best candidate;

●  Compare Millwall's process with a 'good practice template';

●  Develop clarity between evidence and assertion;

●  Provide examples of questions that work and others that put candidates off;

● Consider thei future needs.

Module 3:          The benefits of building and maintaining diverse teams


As a result of this module Managers will:

●  Review how they introduce new members to the team;

●  Review an Induction Checklist

●  Consider the relationship between well managed teams and performance;

●  Design performance targets using SMART objectives;

●  Develop and practice using techniques and strategies to respond and where necessary challenge conflict;

●  Review an example of a Grievance Procedure

●  Consider their future needs.

Each model is supported by a separate Manager's surgery time which encouraged Managers to review what would they need to turn the work they have undertaken into actions that make a difference at Millwall FC?


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